Electricity a very valuable commodity.

Electricity is a very valuable commodity to us. Most if not all machinery in factories, workshops and even in our homes use electricity to generate the power of movement. After the wheel which is considered the single most important invention of mankind, it is electricity that can be considered as next.

With the advent of electricity life became comfortable to us. We invented the light bulb followed by a multitude of products that have helped us to achieve what the world has seen today.

The modern world depends on electricity immensely and without it we may be groping blindly in the darkness of life.

The major disadvantage of electricity is that it kills. It has killed so many around the world since it was discovered that there is no chronicle recording those deaths. Great care must be taken whilst using electricity at all times.

To this end there are very strict regulations that are being implemented by legislation to avert any danger to life and property.

It is our fervent duty to abide by these regulations and keep us, as well as those near and dear to us safe. Any lapse on our part could cause untold misery.

Some very pertinent precautions that we are regularly bound to adhere are Testing and tagging, electrical risk assessment, emergency lights testing, and exit light testing inspections.

Once we have carried out the Testing and tagging, electrical risk assessment, emergency lights testing, and exit light testing inspections and they are in order we should retain the certification for perusal by the relevant authorities.

The electrical tagging, electrical risk assessment, emergency lights testing, and exit light testing are some statutory requirements which we need to follow.

Companies that are in Testing and tagging, electrical risk assessment, emergency lights testing, and exit light testing operations should have the necessary accreditation to the governing statutory bodies.

Testing and tagging is for professionals and not for laymen and amateurs dabbling in test and tag operations could be dangerous to them as well as to others. For everyone’s safety it is strongly advised that electrical test and tag operations are within the accepted norms of the test and tag industry.

We are a company that has been in the Test and Tag for many years and have the expertise and experience to certify any premises free of electrical risks or otherwise after a test and tag inspection.

If the premises, has any Test and Tag flaws then after correction of those it could be awarded the required certification.

We have undertaken many inspections in test and tag operations and certified a multitude of premises. All these premises that we have conducted Test and Tag inspections and awarded the certification have all been safe until now.

This shows our commitment to quality when we carry out a Test and Tag inspection. Our electrical testing and tagging certification is par excellence, and recognized.

The next time you need an electrical test and tag, please call us and we will respond to your important call within the shortest time.


Finding the best in business.

We need privacy when at home, but also need it to be discreet. There are local council laws that govern the type of fencing that you could install the heights that you could have them and also the safety measures that you have to adhere to, for your protection and the protection of others around you.

All urban and suburban home plots in Australian cities are required by law to have fences demarcating their boundaries. Invariably these fences would be shared among the neighbouring home plots. This arrangement makes both neighbours responsible to have their fencing secure, sturdy and pleasant looking. If any fencing is an eye sore the council will advise both neighbours to have it rectified.

The fencing should keep wild animals out and in the meantime keep household pets in. The security of each home plot should be secured with appropriate fences. Secure fencing would also keep undesirable wanderers away from strolling across the properties. Elegant fencing whilst enhancing the value of your home plot would also bring aesthetic ambience to your property.

The use of colorbond fencing which is available in very attractive colours and with a ten year warranty would bring colour to your home plot and make it the cynosure of everyone, neighbours and visitors alike.

Finding the best in the business to have your fencing erected is a matter for much thought. Finding the best among the available fencing contractors is a tedious task too. You could put all your anxieties to rest by calling the leader in the fencing industry, the company that is a household name in the length and breadth of Australia, the reliable fencing contractors, Jim’s Fencing.

Jim’s Fencing will provide you with exemplary service, guaranteed workmanship and quality materials. From the best timber fencing, to the best in discreet screen fencing, the conglomerate with the largest franchise business in Australia will give you impeccable satisfaction and unmatched value for money.

Your swimming pool where dangers are prone to happen should be well secured and that is a statutory requirement. Jim’s Fencing has some well-designed glass pool fencing, which would bring a special uniqueness to your backyard. Our expertise in pool fencing designs is the envy of our competitors as we provide innovative ideas to all our customers.     


Insurance guarantees payment

Lloyds of London is not a company that is in the business of under writing insurance, but a corporate body governing the insurance industry by an act of the British Parliament enacted in the year 1871. Since then the insurance industry has grown to tremendous heights and is a multi-billion dollar business across the world.

Insurance guarantees payment of compensation for loss, damage, death, illness etc for regular or onetime payment in lieu, which is called a premium. The face value of the amount insured or a part thereof would be paid by the insurer if the policy is valid and in force and the loss, damage etc are covered in the insurance policy held by the insured.

It is in this context that when an insurance policy is taken out, the insured has to read through every clause carefully and be satisfied that everything the insured seeks in the policy is on it.

Some unscrupulous insurers may purposely leave out pertinent clauses with the intention of paying out when they have to, hence the insured should “read between the lines” of the policy document presented and satisfy oneself that all that has been discussed and agreed are covered in it.

Jim’s Insurance a subsidiary of the reputed Australian conglomerate, Jim’s Group would take the onus of educating the insured on every detail of the policy document prior to having the authorized personnel place their signatures on the dotted line. Jim’s Insurance along with our parent company has always been transparent in our business dealings with the Australian community, which is the reason for these nearly three and a half decades of success.

We are the leading insurer for the construction industry and have some very precise policies with specific parameters, which could be fine tuned to cater to any requirement. Our portfolio includes Building construction insurance and construction insurance, whilst Commercial building insurance would generally cover leasing and renting of buildings.

Commercial insurance and Business insurance would cover a wide spectrum of business and trading activities. In the case of loss, damage, death etc for third parties the law takes a different perspective, whereby Public liability insurance and business liability insurance becomes mandatory where some clauses would be compulsory and should be included in the policy document.